International Presentations

Patients and professionals co-producing health: Reporting on the development, components and active ingredients of The Bodyknowledging Programme. 23rd International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services, June 2015, Oslo, Norway.


Bodyknowledging – a new concept, theory and programme to promote health in people at risk or diagnosed with chronic illness. Department of Nursing and Public Health, Adelphi University, New York, October 2014. 


The concept of Bodyknowledging as a basis for patient empowerment in health care. May 2013. The 21st International Conference on Health Promotion Hospitals and Health Services. Body and Mind. Gothenburg. Sweden.

Austria and Germany:

The Theory and Model of Bodyknowledging as a tool for Health Promotion in Long-term Illness: Development, Content and Possibilities for application in health care. October 2012.

University of Vienna, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Nursing Science.

University of Witten/Herdecke, Faculty of Health, Department of Nursing Science.

Charitè- University Medicine Berlin, Institute of Nursing Pedagogy and Nursing Science.

University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt am Main.


A new model for health promotion – bridging theory and practice through a research- based program. The 13th Research Conference of the Workgroup of European Nurse Researchers (WENR) Chronic Illness Management. 2nd to 5th September 2008. Vienna.


Kropslig læring som didaktisk tilgang til patientuddannelse. (Embodied learning as an approach to patient education). November 2012. Netværksmøde for patientundervisere. Helseregion Hovedstaden. Copenhagen.

Nordic Conference Papers

Using a Grounded Theory as a basis for innovations in practice - Advantages and challenges. The 5th Nordic Interdisiplinary Conference on Qualitative Methods in the Service of Health. Stavanger, Norway19-20 mai. 2008.

Patient`s Coping and Recovery in Chronic Illness. The 3rd Nordic Congress of Endometriosis. Trondheim, Norway. May 2009.

Selection of National presentations

Bodyknowledging: A new tool for cooperation with users in health promotion work focused on users of health care. Presentations at Peoples University in the City of Hamar  and Bodø, Norway. 2013.

Bodyknowledging – process model and tool for health promotion and rehabilitation. Master Program for the study of health service to the elderly.  Diakonhjemmet University College. January 2012.

Bodyknowledging and Recovery. Master program in Mental Health. Oslo University College. February 2012. 
Bodyknowledging. Concept for Health Promotion and Rehabilitation. Forum for Specialist Nurses in Rheumatology, March 2012. 

The experience of living with long term and serious illness. Molde University College, 24. Oktober 2011.

Bodyknowledging – Processmodel and tools for health promotion work in rehabilitation. Buskerud University College, Drammen, 20. oktober 2011.

Bodyknowledging – tools to cooperate in community health in order to strengthen health promoting processes. Seminar on Health Reforms in Norway, Gjøvik 14. oktober 2011.

Patient`s resources for coping. Empirical findings and theoretical frameworks, developed through clinical research in Norwegian contexts. Symposium at: Scandinavian Conference of Rehabilitation. Oslo University College, Nov.2010.

Resource-focused assessment in the encounters with users of health care services. Lectures at Ringsaker Community Health Unit, Nov. 2010.

The Process-model of Bodyknowledging – a new tool to strengthen coping and health through patient participation. Lectures at Nordre Land Community Health Unit, Okt. 2010.

The process-model of Bodyknowledging – a new tool for assessment and patient-participation. Lectures at Elverum University College, Okt. 2010.

Bodyknowledging – process-model and tool for health-promotion work in rehabilitation. Lectures at Buskerud University College, Febr. 2010.

The patient as expert in health-promoting processes – what constitutes the patient`s expertise and how can it be used in practice? Presentation at The national Assembly for operating nurses of Norway (NSF) Trondheim, Sept. 2009.

Bodyknowledging:  A glimpse of a new concept for strengthening service user empowerment, coping and health. Winter seminar 2009:  National Competence Centre for Learning and Coping. Oslo.

The University of Stavanger:  Health as a process in long-term illness:  Bodyknowledging – a research-based theory, model and program with a foundation in patient experience.  October 2008.

Institute Day for practice and theory at Diakonissehjemmet University College in Bergen:  Empowerment in  health service – from vision to reality – what knowledge is valid in clinical practice?  October 2008.

Development and Evaluation of a Research-based Program for strengthening coping and health promotion in long-term illness.  September 2008. National Conference on Research on Patient Education.  Oslo.

Theme day and book launch at Gyldendal Press, Oslo, August 2008.  What does Bodyknowledging mean?

National Network for Research on Rehabilitation and Nursing.  Sunnås Hospital.  April 2008:  Coping and health as processes in long-term illness.

Haukeland Hospital, April 2008:  Presentation of a user-based theory and model.  Results of the development of a new research based health service.

National Rehabilitation Conference in Trondheim, 2008.  Bodyknowledging – An experience-based and diagnosis-independent learning and coping program with a focus on health promoting processes.