Research on the development of the new health concept Bodyknowledging has progressed since 2000 in two health regions in Norway; Health Middle Norway and Health Southeast respectively. The projects have received grants from the South - East Health Region of Norway and from The National Directory of Health in Norway.  

The research was first published in Dr. Heggdal`s doctoral thesis (2003) and in an academic textbook (2008) written in norwegian. The book was translated to german by Huber Verlag in 2012.

Scientific articles are now available on the development of Bodyknowledging as a new concept and theory for health promotion (Californian Journal of Health Promotion, 2013). Research on the further development of Bodyknowledging as a frame for the development of a new pedagogical health service is found in International Journal of Practice Development Journal (2015). Results from the first trials of the new health service is published in Health, (2015) and in Scandinavian Journal of Psychology (2016). Please look up the latest scientific articles by clicking on the meny for publications on the left. Findings from both qualitative and quantitative studies has demonstrated that the pedagogical health service Bodyknowledging contributes to coping, health and recovery in chronic ilness. 

Dr. Heggdal is part of a research group at the University of Stavanger, Norway. The theme of the group is: Health promotion in long-term illness.