Health services

The health service Bodyknowledging is built on the theory and model of the same name.  The process model(page 66) provides the framework and content of the course, which gives service users, patients and clients room to strengthen patients coping and health.

The concept of Bodyknowledging rests on patient participation and it is a precondition for it to function as a health promoting teaching program in practice.  In general the program concerns strengthening the user’s own resources to function in spite of health problems.

The program can be completed individually or on a group basis.  Process tools and methods have been developed that make it possible to work concretely with patient participation and strengthening of health promoting processes over time.  A guide for health professionals has also been developed and access to this is connected to the course module.

Course leaders must complete the course themselves before they can function as course leaders for Bodyknowledging.  All materials connected to the course are delivered and updated by the company Health Research and Dialogue (H&D). The new Health Service of Bodyknowledging is applied on a regular basis in community health care in the Inland of Norway. The projects have received grants from the South - East Health Region of Norway and from The National Directory of Health in Norway.