The study on Bodyknowledging is a 30 ECTS points, part-time post-bachelor study for health care personnel. The study module`s content is relevant in master programs such as master in public health, health promotion, rehabilitation, psychiatric care or clinical nursing.

The main goal is to build the compentence of health professionals in themes like: Health promotion in chronic illness and and how to strengthen users` health and coping resources by means of Bodyknowledging.

The following partial goals will be reached through the new educational module:

A. To develop competence regarding different approaches that contribute to strengthening learning, coping skills and health promoting.

B. To develop competence in carrying out patient participation in one’s own practice.

C. To develop competence in carrying out the pedagogical health service; The Bodyknowledging Program.

D. To develop competence regarding requesting and applying patients’ knowledge in clinical assessments.

E. To ensure that learning and coping activities are based on theory, research and relevant for users.

Target group for the course:
Health and social professionals working with people living with long-term illness in different contexts and settings, for example in work-related settings, rehabilitation contexts, learning and coping centres, outpatient clinics, hospital departments, occupational therapy institutions, employment services as well as home-care settings and community-based care.

The course is designed as an interdisciplinary course for health and social welfare professionals with a Bachelor degree and occupational practice as background.