What is Bodyknowledging

Bodyknowledging is a new concept for health and health promotion work, developed through long-term research. Health care personnel and persons living with different types of health problems have participated in the research, and contributed to establish the conditions and application of the concept of Bodyknowledging. The concept consists of:

1)      The theory and process-model for Bodyknowledging.

2)      A new health service to strengthen coping, health and well-being.

3)      An educational module for health professionals (30 ECTS points). 

What does Bodyknowledging mean?

Bodyknowledging is a new term that describes a person’s process of coping and recovery following chronic illness and/or injury.

“Bodyknowledging is a fundamental process for the development of personal knowledge about one’s own body, coping skills, health and wellbeing" (Heggdal 2013:65).

Bodyknowledging® is also a registered and protected trademark. This means that legal rights and conditions are connected to the application of the concept and the logo. A letter of agreement must be signed in order to apply the trademark and the new health service in practice.